Top-Notch Member Service

Skip the Call-Centers

When you call GUASFCU, you'll never have to deal with a confusing automated menu. Instead, you'll immediately start talking to a knowledgable representative so that you don't have to waste time.

Over 100 Student Interns

When you bank with GUASFCU, you'll have over 100 staff members working for you. Whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or an alum we are confident you'll receive the best banking experience at GUASFCU.

Student Interns helping students


Quickpay allows you to transfer funds from your other bank account into your account at the Credit Union for free. All transfers will be posted to your GUASFCU checking account by 11 AM the following business day. However, all Quickpay deposits greater than $300.00 will be frozen for a minimum of three business days from time of the deposit.

Quickpay Forms

Free External Transfers

Free External Transfers into your GUASFCU account

Into Your GUASFCU Account

On-Demand Transfer

Once registered, you can easily transfer any amount online or by submitting a form to the Credit Union via e-mail, fax, or in person at any time. Your transfer request will be completed within 1 business day, assuming the form has been correctly completed.

Recurring 1st or 15th of the Month

Using this option, the Credit Union will automatically transfer a preset amount every month – either 3 business days before 1st or 3 business days before the 15th, or both. If this day is not a business day, the transfer will be completed on the following business day.

Debit Card

EMV Chip Enabled

Jack the Bulldog Visa debit cards are EMV chip enabled to provide a high degree of security for in-person transactions.

Zero Liability

You won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your Visa debit card. You're protected if your Visa debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline.

Make Purchases & Withdraw Cash

Use your Jack the Bulldog debit card in-person, online, or over the phone at the millions of merchants around the globe that accept Visa as either a debit (pin) or credit (signature) transaction. Charges will deduct from your checking account. Also access cash from your savings and checking accounts at any ATM.

GUASFCU Rewards icon  GUASFCU Rewards

GUASFCU Rewards was established in 2017 to give members discounts with their Jack the Bulldog debit card at popular restaurants and stores in the Georgetown area. The program was also a way for GUASFCU to promote local businesses within our member base. Since its inception, GUASFCU Rewards has partnered with 25 and counting stores.

You may notice that some of the discounts are grayed out in the list below. Given the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses, we've decided to temporarily suspend a few of our discounts to give some of our store partners time to recover. Don't worry - the discounts will be back soon! In the meantime, please support our GUASFCU Rewards partners.

GUASFCU Rewards logo
GUASFCU Jack the Bulldog Debit Card

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Bandoola Bowl

15% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Bulldog Tavern

20% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Dough Jar

10% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Eurobronze Sunless Studio

15% off spray tans

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Georgetown Gourmet

15% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Lou Lou

20% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Pinstripes

10% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Wingos

15% off

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Tombs

$5 brownies and cookie skillets

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Curry & Pie

10% off

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: The Corp

5% off @ Hilltoss & Grounded, UG, MUG, Midnight

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Flavio

20% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Georgetown Running Company

15% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Mr. Smith's

20% off (excluding brunch and happy hour)

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Peacock Cafe

15% off after 3pm

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Saxbys

10% off anything above $8

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Booeys

10% off food, or 15% off food with the order of a pitcher

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Domino's

35% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Epi

15% off Thurs-Sat 11pm-close

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Fresh Baguette

15% off!

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Los Cuates

10% off margarita pitchers

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: O Salon

20% off (must mention discount at booking)

GUASFCU Rewards Partner: Pie Sisters

15% off!

Online & Mobile Banking

Free online and mobile banking applications make it easy to bank with GUASFCU no matter where you are.

Online Banking

Photo Check Deposit

Use the iPhone or Android apps to deposit checks from anywhere.

Download the App Today

GUASFCU Mobile App

Direct Deposit

Georgetown University Employees

GUASFCU has partnered with Georgetown University to offer convenient and quick Direct Deposit. Georgetown will electronically deposit your bi-weekly paycheck into your credit union account the morning of payday. Avoid the hassle of having to remember to pick up and deposit your check! To setup direct deposit, fill out the following form and submit it to the Office of Student Employment.

Download Form

Other Employees

Setting up a direct deposit at any employer is easy as well. Simply provide your company your GUASFCU account number and the routing number (0540-8021-2).

Download Form

Convenience Checks, Checkbooks, Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

Convenience Checks

Order four convenience checks for $5 via mail or for pick up at our branch.

Check Book

Order a checkbook of 36 checks for approximately $17 or a checkbook of 90 checks for approximately $30 via mail or for pick up at our branch.

Money Orders & Certified Checks

Sometimes merchants and landlords only accept money orders or certified checks. These instruments ensure that you have the funds available for the check to clear and provide a higher degree of certainty that the merchant or landlord will actually receive the funds. Both money orders and certified checks are available at the branch.

Teller issuing check

Branch & ATMs

On-Campus Branch in the Leavey Student Center

During the school year, the branch is open 6 days a week until 6:30PM so you'll be able to bank with us no matter your schedule. During breaks and the summer, the branch has variable hours, but a representative will always be available to assist you via phone or email except for federal banking holidays.

Four Fee-Free ATMs on Campus & 55,000 Worldwide

Fee-free ATMs are located at the Healey Student Center, Hoya Snaxa, Walsh, and outside the branch in the Leavey Center. Surcharge-free ATMs are also found at participating retail locations you already visit including Target, Costco, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Kroger, Safeway, Winn Dixie, Circle K, 7-Eleven and McDonalds.

Map of 4 ATMs and 1 branch on campus