The Internship

Join the Nation’s Largest Completely Student Run Financial Institution

• Gain Unparalleled Real World Experience
• Build Lifelong Friendships
• Become a Leader or Join the Board of Directors
• Join a Powerful Network of over 1000 alumni and students • No Prior Experience in finance-related fields necessary

As a GUASFCU Intern, you will have the unique ability to gain hands on experience while working at the nation’s largest completely student-run financial institution. In the first semester of your internship, you will learn how to managing basic transactions on the teller line while also shadowing each department in GUASFCU. After your first semester, you will go through a placement process to enter one of our six core departments and have the opportunity to join GUASFCU’s leadership team at the Executive and Board levels.

IT and Marketing

The IT Department is seeking interested and experienced applicants with basic computer and technical skills. IT applicants will be fast-tracked to join the department at the start of their internship, and will gain real-world experience with network security, system optimization, hardware upkeep, cloud computing, VPNs, and more.

The Marketing Department is seeking creative applicants experienced in graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, photography, and videography. Marketing applicants will be fast-tracked to join the department at the end of their first semester, and will gain experience in marketing campaign management, data analytics, and strategic planning.


One of the greatest resources you will have as a GUASFCU intern is access to our powerful alumni network. GUASFCU alumni have elected to pursue a wide variety of career paths, including financial services, entrepreneurship, government and politics, technology, media, graduate school, and more.

As a GUASFCU intern, you will have the ability to further develop your professional skills and network. Each year, GUASFCU sponsors an events for its current interns to help them create career goals, professional resumes, and interviewing skills.


The Georgetown University Alumni Student Federal Credit Union aims to help educate Georgetown students on personal finance topics and assist students and alumni in acquiring affordable banking products and financing opportunities. Thus, we are looking for applicants with a passion for Georgetown and helping the Georgetown community. GUASFCU interns are from all over the world and in all four schools at Georgetown. Interns study a variety of majors, including English, International Affairs, Finance, and Biology! No prior experience at a financial institution is necessary, and you’ll find that much of what we do as a Credit Union is very different than the stock-picking and market analysis of a Wall Street firm. If you have a passion for learning and want to make a difference at Georgetown, apply today!

GUASFCU hires a selective intern class at the start of each semester. In the fall, both freshman and sophomores undergraduate students may apply. In the spring, freshman undergraduate students may apply. Unfortunately, due to GUASFCU’s unique training structure, we are unable to accommodate applicants who do not meet these requirements.

No prior experience necessary when applying for the internship experience. All applicants must complete a written application and first round interview. If selected, candidates must complete a second round interview. Final intern selections are picked from this pool of candidates.